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A little bit about

LION Commerce

LION Commerce GmbH is an Austrian company, open to new ideas, technologies, information, dialogue and improvement.

Our clients’ continued satisfaction has fueled our success. To that end, we have formed strategic partnerships with many of the top protein producers around the world, and we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest standards of customer service in the industry. This dual faceted approach enables us to deliver the highest quality products at the greatest possible values.

By utilizing the latest communication technologies, our customers can reach out to us any time, day or night. Whether you have concerns about market conditions, questions about a product, or need to track a shipment, there is always a LION Commerce staff member ready to assist you.

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+43 1 945 68 48

Skype: LION Commerce GmbH


Spengergasse 61/Top11

1050 Vienna, Austria

Working Hours

Mon - fri: 9am - 4:30pm

closed on weekends

Our first priority is

always quality

Our core values of integrity, respect, and dedication, are demonstrated in all of our actions. And because of this, our reputation in the industry is unmatched.

Each and every staff member has been hand selected for their job, and they collectively form one of the most professional, knowledgeable and experienced teams in the business. We are loyal to our customers, suppliers and vendors, and in return, they are loyal to us. As testament to this, we are still conducting regular business with our first supplier and with our first customer.

These guidelines, established by the founder, formed the company culture and values.

Ambitious plans of the company contribute to getting the best business decisions and long-term partnership, both in Austria and abroad, giving the opportunity to consistently increase the volume of exports of goods. We are young, flexible and know how to make quick and efficient decisions. Nothing is more valued in the business world as reputation of a reliable partner.

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