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We are simply the answer to the question behind your question.

It is our goal to be in the right place at the right time. We believe that the networks LION Commerce GmbH has developed through the years can enable us to act quickly in order to provide our clients with some of the best possible solutions. LION Commerce GmbH wants to be more than the answer to all your questions. We want our expertise and experience to help our customers achieve greater profitability and success. This is done to gain your trust, and the trust of all of our clients. We want you to understand how we work with you and what it takes for us to build a successful working relationship together.

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With years of experience in the processing and preparation of beef, we feel confident in our role as experts in the field. Our first priority is always the quality. We have a variety of suppliers with whom we work to offer the best products.


With more than 15 years of experience in theindustry, pork is our core business. We constantly work on variety so we can offer our clients the best diversity. Because the quality of pork is our first priority we only work with european suppliers.


When it comes to chicken we have our best specialists to guarantee the best price & quality. Our chickensuppliers are from europe and south america. We have many experts and long yeear expertise so we feel confident in our role as experts.

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Grains & pulses

LION Commerce GmbH is an organization of experienced commodities professionals committed to delivering impeccable service. Through highly developed global relationships, we strive to provide our expanding network of international customers with a direct connection to the supply/demand sources, knowledge of our products and know-how of execution processes along the way.




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Raw Materials


In view of the total quantity produced or processed, polypropylene (PP) is a comparatively young plastic and, after polyethylene (PE), the most important standard plastic used, making it one of the bulk plastics. We have gathered years of experience in trading polypropylene and other plastics, and can guarantee only top-quality products. Send us an inquiry for more detailed information about our products and services!


a gateway to worldwide trading

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A key to our success has been to maintain a local presence in our main export markets. In doing so, we gain a unique understanding of the trends and conditions in those markets. This enables our clients to combine their insights and observations with our own, giving them an unparalleled understanding of local market dynamics. Armed with this well-rounded industry knowledge, LION Commerce GmbH customers make better and more profitable decisions than any of their competitors. LION Commerce GmbH customers have peace of mind knowing that our logistics team will always secure the fastest transit times at the lowest rates. We know the market conditions, logistics, and regulations in every country where we do business. Additionally, we ensure that every shipment is fully documented and that each and every piece is supervised along its journey from production to the dinner table.

From the farm, through the processing plant, onto the trucks, through the freezer, on the boats, and finally at the discharging port – our logistics team ensures that all products are quickly and efficiently transported so that our customers can reap the highest profits.




LION Commerce


LION Commerce GmbH is an innovator in the development of private label packaging.





Turning what was once just a marketing tool, into what is now a comprehensive program of supply chain management. We are closely involved in the aspects of production and quality control to help ensure that our customers receive not only a superior product but superior value as well. This allows us to offer our customers a consistent, high quality product that differentiates itself from the majority of commodity products sold in the international marketplace.

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